Steer Partners | Transaction Advisory Services
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Transaction Advisory Services


Working with clients ranging from fundless sponsors to PE firms with $10B (AUM), we regularly complete diligence and portfolio support engagements to validate investment theses and test the viability of key growth fundamentals. We understand the pressures of a deal environment and are respectful of the sensitive nature of the transaction process.

Pre & Post LOI

  • Market Size & Growth Validation
  • Product / Services Penetration Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping & Share Position Estimates
  • Regulatory Risks
  • Key Customer Risk Assessment

STEER Partners engages clients throughout the investment process from initial investment screening through closing. Post-close, we conduct strategic growth studies [ link to case studies] to enhance and optimize the value of portfolio companies. We have worked on private equity deals (Growth Equity and LBO) valued between $30M and $500M TEV.


Comprehensive and Holistic

We look at external market data and internal company information to triangulate around the most informed view possible.  We view transactions relative to their potential value given our clients’ objectives, future growth opportunities, and our experience evaluating similar businesses.

Deep Understanding of

Investment Strategies

We help investors with a wide range of investment strategies including platform deals, growth equity, roll-up, and add-on acquisitions. Since each strategy brings its own unique sets of issues, STEER Partners tailors project scopes to fit individual client needs.

Broad Sector Expertise

STEER Partners brings a unique combination of strategy, research, and operations expertise that gives us a deep knowledge base within industry verticals. We leverage an extensive network of industry experts and former executives to validate our industry insights.